Sports Widgets

IceTime 4.0

Follow the NHL with results, schedules, standings, stats and more...completely redesigned for 2008-09

Cup Companion 2.0

Follow the Stanley Cup playoffs with series standings, results and schedules. UPDATED for 2008.

JerseyDate 1.0

Display the date with random jerseys from the database, with a number of options.

HockeyFan 3.0

Store, save and show jerseys from the database.

JerseyCal 2.1

Create a personalized jersey calendar using the database, or simply a list of your favorite players to display.

Pigskin 1.1

Follow your team or the whole league, with stats, results, standings, Super Bowl records, mini jerseys, throwbacks, skins and more....


Hang a digital toque on your desktop, a pom-pom appears on days your team is playing.

Site Widget

Show the latest site updates with links, as well as a number of ways to access, search, and display jerseys from the database.

Canadian Football

Follow the CFL with standings, stats, schedules, updated results and more.

Bocken 2007

Webcam widget for Dashboard for watching the giant Christmas goat in Gävle, Sweden...

Widget Graveyard

A section containing more than 200 old calendars/clocks that display the date or hour using players nameplates and numbers, or simply the month and day, Includes the NHL, NFL, 2006 World Cup, college, minor leagues and more...

Cheesesteak of Suffering

Painfully shows up to the second just how long the city of Philadelphia has been waiting for a Championship. 23 years and counting.

Other Widgets

Peep Attack Widgets

Dashboard widgets that put Peeps on your desktop. Utterly and entirely pointless....but comes in two versions.

80's Moviebot

A Dashboard widget that speaks random lines from 80's movies from a database of nearly a thousand.